African Women Entrepreneurship Programme


African Women Entrepreneurship Programme

Who We Are

The African Women Entrepreneurship Programe (AWEP) is an outreach, enlightenment and engagement initiative of the United States Department of State (DOS) created to help African women entrepreneurs participate in Export through the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

Though initially positioned to give women in Sub Saharan Africa the opportunity to take advantage of AGOA, we have expanded our scope to include other trade facilitation initiatives and opportunities of growth for the advancement of Nigerian Women-owned businesses.


We strive to improve women owned business environments by providing technical and financial training, export training, mentorship, financial-access, and a clear path to local and international export markets for our products and services 

Our Mission

to build a network of highly skilled business women by providing valuable information, access to the market, finance, and new opportunities. 

Our Vision

To position women-owned Nigerian businesses across global borders and platforms with a mission to build a Network of highly skilled Business women by Provision of valuable Information, access to market, finance and new opportunities

Our Mission

to build a network of highly skilled business women by providing valuable information, access to the market, finance, and new opportunities. 

Our Vision

To position women-owned business across global borders and platforms

Our Core Values











Our Activities

We keep our members engaged with a wide range of productive activities all year round

Annual General Meetings

AWEP's AGM/AGC is the yearly gathering of members, non-member partners, and special guests to address the chosen theme of the event. An annual event aimed at educating the Nigerian business community and celebrating its successes It features exhibitions. Keynote presentation by seasoned speakers, business clinic/advisory services

AWEP Mentorship Academy

AWEP Mentorship Academy refers to the guidance provided by business professionals in sectors of interest to other members who are founders of an early-stage or intending start-up business. a platform that will provide hand-holding experience and expertise for enhanced growth in productivity, branding, marketing, and expansion for better all-round success.

AWEP Services

AWEP Services refers to the values and benefits our organization offers. AWEP offers a wide range of services, some of which are: providing easy access for her members to services such as trademark and certification inquiries through easy linkage with partners; AWEP provides her members with relevant tech platforms, amongst others, that are central to key decision-making. She also prepares her members annually for the Tony Elumelu Foundation grant. She also offers exclusive capacity-building trainings for business development.

AWEP Events

AWEP events are planned occasions associated with AWEP. AWEP exposes her members to top-notch events that are relevant to their chosen business sector, which exposes them to information that could be used for business empowerment.

Market Day

Market days are virtual advertisements of products and services for commercial dealings. These are platforms where members can market their businesses to other women on specific days.

My Law

My Law is a virtual platform that enables users to access legal services with ease. AWEP, in collaboration with MYLAW, provides her members with affordable and easy-to-access legal services such as legal consultation, registrations, and agreements for their businesses in a bid to transform, protect, and ensure the continuous growth of their business.

Breakfast Meetings

Breakfast meetings mean an assembly of members for an interactive session. This is organized by Zonal Vice Presidents across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria and avails existing members and intending members of the opportunity to network, interact, exchange ideas, foster collaboration, and receive business information.

International Exhibitions

International exhibitions refer to the display of brand products in order to leverage business opportunities and also participate in B2B networking sessions. Members are given the opportunity to showcase their products and services to investors, buyers, and off-takers through participation in trade missions and trade shows. Our organization promotes its members for exhibition on local, zonal, and international levels.

AWEP Exports

AWEP exports are opportunities for members to participate commercially in the international market. AWEP avails her members of of the opportunity to engage actively in export through the availability of exports opportunities, encourage cluster exporting leveraging on the power of numbers, and networking with existing Exports members in order to be export ready.

Gender Based Activism and Policy Engagement

This refers to campaigns, actions, and policies that aim to bring about a change that will favor the active participation of women. AWEP offers its members the opportunity to participate in gender based agendas that are geared towards the Nigerian economy or policy formulation and implementation.

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